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We deliver boxes of fresh fruit & veg across the Midlands. Want to know if we deliver to you? Just enter your postcode below.

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Please check whether we are in your area, if so there are 2 delivery days to choose from. Delivery is free, but we ask for a minimum £30 spend. Orders should be placed by noon, 2 days before delivery (e.g. Order by noon Monday for delivery on Wednesday).

Introductory Offer - only £20 minimum spend & free delivery*

*until 31st January 2020

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Do we deliver to your area?

We deliver boxes of fresh fruit & veg across the Midlands. Want to know if we deliver to you? Just enter your postcode below.

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What's in the box

We have four set boxes to choose from; large and medium vegetable boxes, a large mixed box of fruit, salad and vegetables, and a box full of fruit. We also have a wide range of fresh produce so you can build your own box and add to the set boxes.




Fruit & Vegetables



..Or Pick Your Own From Our Extensive Range!

Product Range

Purefield Produce offers a wide range of quality fruit, vegetables, salads, and potatoes. We are based in the central Midlands and don`t have the climate to grow all the produce we offer but all our produce is sourced responsibly and ethically and as locally as possible with the emphasis on quality and taste. We only want to deliver produce to your door that you are delighted to eat!

For your convenience we also offer ready prepared vegetables which we produce fresh every day to save you time, effort and waste. We supply our prepared vegetables in cool packs which lock in freshness and taste, and we deliver them chilled to your door. These are becoming increasing popular with busy householders who want the same quality with less effort.

At Purefield we love food and hate waste so our vegetable preparation system is designed to maximise what ends up on your plate and what we peel off provides us with feed for our anaerobic digester which produces enough green electricity to supply our whole site and others. More than this, what comes out of the digester is great fertiliser for our next potato crop and so completes a full growth cycle with no waste. That`s why we don`t mind keeping all the mess here!

We are keen to broaden the Purefield range so we are always open to suggestions for expanding our product list. If there`s something that you would like, which we don`t already offer, or if you have a preferred brand or producer, please contact us on help@purefield.co.uk and let us know. Don`t leave us guessing – please tell us what you want!

Although we strive for perfection, if you think we could have done better, or if you have any suggestions, please contact us through help@purefield.co.uk. We would like the opportunity to correct anything we got wrong and we promise to learn from our mistakes and experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not for the quality of produce that we supply, particularly when you allow for the cost of transport and your time. Remember we provide free delivery.

I am sure you could find cheaper if you put a lot of time and effort into it, but the quality might be hit and miss.

Whether you are staying safe at home, or prefer to spend your time more productively, we take the hassle out of sourcing the best quality fresh produce by delivering it to your door.

We offer flexibility; you can choose one of our set boxes and personalise it with additional items, or select all your items individually. You may also buy ready prepared vegetables, which saves you time and waste in your kitchen, as it does in the restaurants we supply.

We are an environmentally responsible company, utilising all our organic by-products and solar energy to generate enough electricity to power our whole factory and export 50% to the national grid. We have designed our packaging so that it will not only protect your purchase, but survive several trips thereby reducing packaging waste by delaying its introduction to our recycling stream.

We are a local company, sourcing local produce wherever possible in order to keep food miles down and minimise the steps in the chain. We offer a comprehensive range of produce and will expand this over time whilst focusing on ensuring top quality.

This is not a straight forward one to answer given the breadth of our product range, the variable shelf-life and our aim to supply them all year round. Where possible we will supply locally grown produce, that will be with you within days of picking, but if you want quality strawberries in December, then the focus will be on harvesting the best quality, at the best time and transporting in at the ideal temperature.

In our experience, correct storage is the best way to ensure top quality and the longest life from fresh produce. For example - apples keep longer in the fridge than in the fruit bowl. Yellow melons and Bananas would rather be at 10 to 15oC, which is difficult to find in a modern centrally heated home. My recommendation is to have regular deliveries and only order what you will eat in a week.

We recommend you follow the guidelines listed against the products or follow the Storage Guidelines documents.

Your delivery should be spot-on every time but, if anything is not quite right, please email us on help@purefield.co.uk with as much detail as possible. Photos are very useful. We want to address your problem as quickly as possible and correct it and also learn from it.

In line with current best practice we will minimise the use of plastic packaging but currently there are no viable options for some application. The majority of the packaging we use is cardboard boxes or brown bags. We request that you return all the outer packaging when we make your next delivery, so that we can reuse it where possible. Anything not reused will be recycled.

With some temperature sensitive products, we will include icepacks. Please return these so we can reuse them. They are also recyclable and food safe, the water-soluble contents can simply be rinsed off down the sink, in the unlikely case of one splitting.

One of the benefits of the ordering system is the option to order individual items, either as an addition to a standard box or to build your order from scratch. All we ask is that you have a minimum order of £30 to secure the free delivery.

Flag your favourites to make it quicker and easier to order next time and avoid forgetting something.

We are aiming to avoid the process of substituting items. In most cases we will have time between ordering and delivery to replenish any missing items or seek your input.

Deliveries may occur at any time during the stated delivery day. We will calculate the most efficient route to make all the deliveries for the day, therefore the delivery time will depend on this.

If we have your mobile number, we will text ½ hour to 1 hour before delivery to confirm the delivery time.

Please let us know by emailing help@purefield.co.uk or by messaging on the App., if you have safe place you would like us to leave the delivery if you`re not going to be in,

We have designed the box to offer as much protection as possible, but in bad weather the driver with add an additional cover if required.

We will text on the mobile number provided to confirm delivery has been made.

It is not a subscription service. Hopefully you will place regular orders, but we believe you have the right to choose what you require each week, rather than receive what we want to send you.

Also, we are hoping to expand the range of products quickly, so we don’t want to restrict you to your original choices.

Where possible, we source from local producers, or grow it ourselves, but due to seasonality and the variety of products, we do source nationally and internationally.

We will be expanding our range, so we are looking for recommendations of both products to include in the range and local producers to supply them.

We take the risk from Covid 19 seriously for our staff and customers. Our delivery drivers will place your delivery at your door or in your safe place. They will be wearing a mask and gloves and maintaining a 2 metre distance from you and others. We are sorry, but they are not allowed to come inside your home, garage, shed etc. Please give the driver space to approach and put the delivery down.

Prior to the current crisis, we were already operating to strict hygiene standards, including hand washing and sanitising and wearing disposable gloves and coats. We have now added face coverings and increased personal distancing.

We have designed the boxes externally to provide protection and internally to be compartmentalised, so that products are not crushed. Some products, particularly the prepared products will be pre- packed with returnable icepacks to keep them fresh inside the box.

All the cardboard packaging used for deliveries is recyclable, but we prefer you to return it as it has been designed to withstand several uses. Please return all the packaging in the box. The smaller box is designed to stack inside the larger box, if you have both.

We will collect it when we make your next delivery.

If we have your mobile number, the delivery driver will text approximately 1/2hour to 1 hour before delivery and also text you once delivery has been made.

We delivery to most areas twice per week. The delivery days will depend on your post code. Orders should be placed by 4pm two days prior to your delivery day; for example a Wednesday delivery needs to be ordered by Monday 4pm.

If stored correctly, most items will last a week or longer. Some items, such as Strawberries and Raspberries, may need to be consumed earlier. Prepared vegetables will have a used by date on the label, which is 6 days from production. We will try and produce early on the delivery day.

The majority of what we sell will not have been produced organically but everything we sell is grown to strict food safety protocols like the Red Tractor scheme in the UK and Global Gap, worldwide, to guarantee that it is good to eat. Conventionally grown produce makes up 98 % of all the produce grown in the UK and gives us greater choice, quality and availability whist being perfectly safe to eat.

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